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Welcome to EUREX Industrial Supply + Service GmbH

your full service provider.

Our strong and competent organisation has been very successfully serving the MDF, Particle Board, Furniture, Plywood- and Veneer Industry in Europe, Asia, Australia and USA/Canada

EUREX is dedicated to each customer´s needs and is committed to finding relevant time- and cost saving equipment / parts to help your business grow and reduce the production costs.

  • Would you like to source most of your needs from the one supply company only ?
  • How much do you expect to save on your next purchase ?
  • Do you wish to benefit from our intimate knowledge and our connections to all major suppliers and sub-suppliers in Europe ?

We source most of the parts directly from the manufacturers with great benefit of savings ( up to 30 % ) to YOU !!!

 EUREX Industrial Supply + Service GmbH can assist you with all your requirements

 Let your business benefit by using our services

  • Managing Director: Friedel Joosten 
  • More than 25 years in the Wood – and Wood related Industry
  • More than 25 years experience in international marketing and technical products .

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